Estate Administration

Estate Administration

When a loved one passes away owning property, you must open an estate to transfer the property. Estate administration requires a probate court lawsuit. This process is challenging for those encountering court for the first time. You must fill out forms, obtain signatures, perfect service, attend hearings, and go through accounting. However, a lawyer makes this process easier by telling you exactly what you need to do. Moreover, lawyers can protect your rights and the defend the estate from creditor claims.

Our law firm knows that the death of a loved one is a challenging time on your family. This is true even without having to know about the alphabet soup of probate court proceedings. Because of this, we provide one-on-one service for estate administrators. We have found this not only makes it easier on the person serving as administrator but also allows everyone to resolve the matter as quickly as possible.

Potential Complications

Estates become complicated for a number of reasons. Sometimes, the estate plan documents are not perfectly written. An ambiguous estate plan causes family members to believe they are entitled to more than what was intended. In other situations, family members challenge the wills admitted to probate. Still other instances create problems due to the assets themselves. An estate may sell a property to resolve matters with creditors. Sometimes the deceased owes more on the property than it is worth. Regardless, these problems may dictate that an attorney assist the estate in resolving the disputes.

Perhaps the biggest problem that arises out of estate administration is strife between the family. This is true if there are second spouses involved, children from a previous marriage, or even siblings with a history of not getting along. When you hire an attorney to represent the estate, you are able to insulate yourself from the drama that exists. We become the point of contact to clarify the estate’s position and to inform everyone on where we are in the process. Estates may take time to resolve and good communication helps create understanding. Therefore, we pride ourselves in providing clarity for everyone to potentially prevent unnecessary conflicts.

Our Services

We not only assist administrators with larger estates, but also with small ones. Hiring an attorney to administer a smaller estate can speed up the process. In some instances, it can reduce the number of steps involved with closing the estate. This is because the lawyer will examine if the estate qualifies for relief. Relief allows an estate to avoid some of the time-consuming and costly procedural requirements. We examine every estate to see if there’s an easier way for you to bring closure to your family when it comes to the legacy of your loved one.

We are here to make it easier on you so you can focus on what’s important.  Our friendly staff provides you reminders of items you need to accomplish. In fact, there are situations where we can do most of the heavy lifting for you. This allows you to spend the most amount of time possible being a comfort of others. The death of a loved one isn’t easy. The probate part should be.