Probate Services


Estate Administration

We represent estates, executors, administrators, and fiduciaries in resolving estates of loved ones. We help your family regardless if your estate qualifies for relief, summary relief, or full administration. Our services include full representation from start to finish.


Our firm helps guardians represent the best interests of their wards. We can assist in guardianships over the estate and over the person. Also, we will show you how to keep records for your ward with handy checklists. Guardianship can be difficult, so we provide services to make it easier.

Will Contests

Do you believe there are issues with a loved one’s last will and testament? We will meet with you and discuss how wills are challenged under Ohio law. In some cases, you may be able to challenge what is being submitted to probate court by other family members.

Trust Litigation

Trusts can be complicated. Although they sometimes avoid probate, disputes arise. When this occurs, you need attorneys comfortable litigating these matters.

Probate Litigation

You may need to enforce your rights. Other times, you may need to defend them. Whether it is offense or defense, we are there to represent your interests in court.

Meet with us

Sometimes, you need to meet with an attorney to discuss your options. Although, you may not need to hire a lawyer. We will discuss with you whether an attorney is right for your situation. If not, we can suggest how to come to a resolution on your own. We offer free consultations.


Only one way to know . . .

Not sure if hiring a lawyer is right for you in probate court? Schedule a free consultation to see.

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