Where is Probate Court?

Where is Probate Court?

Module 3

There is a probate court in every Ohio county. All probate courts are in the county seats established by the county commissioners of each county. In many instances, probate courts are located in county administration buildings. This means they are alongside other county offices and with other divisions of the common pleas court. You may find probate courts coupled with juvenile and domestic relations courts in smaller counties.

You should open estates in a probate court located in the county where the deceased resided before death. In instances where the deceased had property in another county, additional cases do not need to be filed there. However, if there is property owned in another state in the deceased’s name at the time of death, there may be a need for something called ancillary probate. Ancillary probate is the process of resolving property transfers for out-of-state residents. Likewise, individuals residing outside the state of Ohio who own property in Ohio will have to open an ancillary probate proceeding here.

Online Records

Many courts in Ohio have their court records and forms available online. Because of this, it may be possible to file several types of probate documents without having to appear at the courthouse. Likewise, individuals may access information remotely. This can provide an additional convenience for family members. This is particularly true for those who live outside of the area to keep in touch with what is going on in probate court.

Even though many probate court proceedings may appear to be a bit more informal than other proceedings, it is still a courthouse. Because of this, people should make an effort to dress in appropriate clothing. Some courts go so far as to spell out what is appropriate by instituting a dress code. Because of this, it is helpful to review the probate court website ahead of time to ensure compliance.