Probate 101

Welcome to Probate 101: your source for understanding Ohio probate proceedings and estates. Here, you will find modules that will easily explain the probate process, what it means, who is involved, and what you need in order to get started. You will also find handy definitions for probate court terms so you can become exposed to the various terms and phrases you will find in probate court.

Module 1: Who is involved in Probate Court?

Here, you will find a list of all the titles people have in probate court and a description for each of their roles. This will give you a good understanding of the moving parts when it comes to probate court.

Module 2: What is Probate Court?

If you have never experienced or heard of probate court, this is where you go to understand of the duties of the court, what you need in order to prepare for court, and the different types of estate administrations available.

Module 3: Where is Probate Court?

Every county in Ohio has its own probate court. However, knowing exactly where to go may not be clear unless you have been there before. In this module, we explain where you can find probate court before you begin your journey.


Module 4: When will Probate end?


Probate cases can be resolved quickly, take months, or even years in order to complete. In this module, we explain the time limits and allowances available when an estate is administered. We also discuss some of the ways around a full administration if the estate qualifies. This can significantly reduce the amount of time spent in probate court and can allow families to move on with their lives.


Module 5: Why do I need a lawyer?

Technically, you do not need a lawyer in order to participate in probate court. However, there are situations where an attorney is helpful to practically essential in order to protect your legal rights. In this module, we discuss the various instances where having a lawyer will be helpful to your cause.


Module 6: How do I protect my legal rights?

If you find yourself opening an estate or being summoned to probate court, you have legal rights. In this module, we explain how your legal rights can be protected before, during, and after a probate proceeding.

Module 7: Glossary of Terms

Does probate court sound like it is being conducted in a foreign language? Check out our glossary to find easy to understand definitions of words you will frequently hear in probate court.