Preventing Probate

Preventing Probate Through Estate Planning

The best offense is a good defense. A solid estate plan can eliminate many problems that appear in probate court. Oftentimes, preventing probate is one of the primary goals of estate planning. Good estate planning goes beyond protecting assets and ensures that you protect your desires while alive. Our firm offers comprehensive estate planning options that fit your lifestyle and your desires. However, every family is unique. Because of this, you deserve an attorney that can tailor an estate plan specifically for your family.

Estate Planning Solutions
“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

Many people do not know the price of probate court until it is too late. Because of this, they do not plan to reduce the cost associated with the court. We work with our clients to reduce the size of the probate estate when possible and achieve the goals when it comes to leaving a legacy.

Estate Planning Services


A well-drafted will can ensure that probate courts follow through with your true desires when you pass away. When putting together an estate plan, you will meet with our lawyers and craft a will that meets your goals. While a will may not help in preventing probate, it can help remove ambiguity. A clear will, executed correctly, can avoid potential arguments and uncertainty.

Living Trusts

Many families rely on living trusts for their estate planning. Living trusts assist clients in preventing probate by reducing their probate estate. Property is removed from their legal name while retaining all other benefits of ownership.

Irrevocable Trusts

An irrevocable trust funded before death will help in preventing probate for certain assets. Individuals create irrevocable trusts in order to place property completely out of their name and into a trust instrument. This trust then owns the property for the benefit of beneficiaries. An irrevocable trust is needed in situations where the grantor of the property does not intend to maintain control of an asset in anticipation for allowing others to enjoy it.

Trust Administration

Creating a trust can provide generational security for your family. In addition to security from future creditors, a trust can prevent assets from probate. Regardless of why you choose to set up a trust, we can provide you with trust administration to ease the burden on family members while maintaining open communication with beneficiaries.

Powers of Attorney

The rules involving guardianships require guardians to follow many rules and procedures. Oftentimes, a guardianship may be avoided when a valid power of attorney exists for medical and financial purposes. All of our estate plans include medical and financial powers of attorney to ensure that you designate someone you know, like, and trust to act on your behalf in handling your affairs.

Living Wills

One of the most stressful decisions a family can make involves the end of life care for loved ones. A living will not only ensures that your desires are followed but also provides peace of mind for loved ones so they do not have to make this difficult decision.