Ohio Estate and Probate Q&A: Do I Need a Trust for my Adult Children?

Trusts for adult children?

Not every family needs a trust. This is particularly true if you have adult children. Find out what factors are important in figuring out if creating trusts is right for you. Whether your children have creditor problems, spending problems, or if you simply care about controlling what money is used for, we will go over all the factors.

The thought of having a trust may be intimidating. However, it is helpful in many cases. You can determine whether this is something you may want to consider by listening to this episode. Also, you can find out some alternatives to creating trusts if that is something you do not wish to do.

If you have questions about how your children handle money, you may want to listen to this episode. Additionally, if you have concerns about the liabilities of your family members, we will discuss how you can protect against this.