Ohio Estate and Probate Q&A: Should I Consider an Online Estate Plan?

Online Estate Planning?

Today’s question is “Should I Consider an Online Estate Plan?”

The short answer? NO!

Online and offline forms can create significant problems for you and your family and can cause many unintended consequences. Signing documents without explanation and without the advice of a lawyer may result in you signing something you do not fully understand.

In this episode, find out some of the problems these forms cause families and learn how you can easily prevent them with planning in advance.

There’s an old adage that a lawyer that represents himself has a fool for a client. If you do your own estate planning, you’re not any better. Also, find out how online forms can actually create a disservice¬†for you and your family.¬† Scott shares some horror stories he’s encountered in his legal career in reviewing other people’s estate plans.

Your estate plan doesn’t have to be complicated. However, this doesn’t mean a lawyer shouldn’t create it. Discover out how to build a relationship with a lawyer so you understand the process. Also, when you work with a lawyer, you’ll be able to have questions answered about your plan.