Probate Cincinnati

Probate Services

When a loved one passes away, you need to be focusing on your family and not giving yourself a crash course in the court system. Having a probate attorney that can provide you direct instructions, step-by-step, can help make everything else easier. Probate Cincinnati provides these services for families and estates.

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Probate Prevention

Planning your estate while you’re alive puts you in the driver seat when it comes to dictating your legacy. A good estate plan allows to protect your family, puts the decision making in your hands, and can limit the time spent in probate court due to disputes or ambiguity.

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Probate 101

If you do not know even where to begin, or what the word probate even means, review our free online course Probate 101. In it, we address what probate is, who you need to know, and the various options available when administering the estate of a loved one who passes away.

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Welcome to Probate Cincinnati!

We created this website to be your one-stop shop for information concerning the probate process in southwest Ohio. The probate process is more than simply transferring property to family members after you pass away. It’s about leaving a legacy to your loved ones and the causes you feel strongly about.

We’ve seen it all in probate court and because of that, we are able to deal with your issues whether it’s planning your estate, or dealing with an estate that required probate after the passing of a loved one.

The First Step is a Conversation

Knowing your options with your property and the probate process is crucial in protecting your rights and your legacy. That’s why we want to make it as easy as possible for you to meet with us. We offer free consultations and flexible scheduling so you can be as prepared as possible for what’s to come.

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